Recycling bins

Recycling bins

The Motley City Council voted unanimously to approve amendments to a pair of city ordinances, Monday.

The ordinances in question were in regard to the placement of trash and recycling containers and changes to administrative fines. The second of those also added a charge for use of one of the two electric vehicle charging stations owned by the city.

A public hearing was held for both ordinances prior to Monday’s regular meeting. No residents were in attendance to give comment in favor of or against the changes.

The purpose of the change to the ordinance regarding container placements was to establish a deadline to remove garbage and recycling containers from the curb, street or alley line abutting a property after collection.

The wording in the ordinance previously established residents could receive an administrative fine for not removing carts in a timely fashion. However, without a deadline, it was difficult for the Motley Police Department to enforce.

“What (this) does is put a more solid removal time on there versus the part where it says that (carts) ‘should be removed,’” said Motley Clerk/Treasurer Curt Bryniarski, while explaining the amendment at the June 14 Council meeting. “We’re going to make it ‘shall be removed’ and put a specific time. Otherwise (Police Chief) Jason (Borash) doesn’t really have a leg to stand on as far as issuing that citation.”

The updated ordinance reads: “Garbage and recycling containers shall be removed by 6 a.m. the day after collection and the containers shall be stored in or near a building.”

A time was already established in the ordinance regarding when containers can be placed on the curb. They can go out no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before collection and no later than 6 a.m. the day of collection.

Changes were also made to the city’s 2021 fee schedule.

Added to the current ordinance was the fee for use of the electric vehicle charging station, located at Bricks Travel Center, near the intersection of Highways 10 and 210. The level 2 (slow) charger will still be free, but the DC fast charger will now have a $3 hook-up fee, and will cost 30 cents per minute of use.

The fines changed for some administrative offenses, as well. The updated fees are: farm animals prohibited — $100; repairing of vehicles — $25; no parking in snow emergency route — $25; prohibited parking in front lawns — $25; parking of semi tractor or trailer prohibited — $50; and grass and weed cutting and trimming — $75.

After no members of the public spoke on either ordinance, it went to a vote for each to go into effect on July 12.

“I’ll make a motion to accept the two amendments,” said Council Member Jace Carlson.

“I would second that,” said Council Member Amy Hutchison.

It passed 4-0.

Motley City Council Briefs:

In other business Monday, the Motley City Council:

• Received a report from Fire Chief Brad Olson that the department’s air compressor went out. He felt the one quote he received to replace it came in too high, and informed the Council he would continue to solicit quotes;

• Approved the hiring of Cody Holtz to the city’s open full-time police officer position. The approval is contingent on Holtz passing all background, psychiatric and physical tests;

• Mayor Al Yoder commended Police Chief Jason Borash for his hard work while the department has been short-staffed;

• Accepted a quote of $1,495 from JHFoster of Eagan to purchase a new air dryer for the wastewater treatment plant;

• Was informed by City Clerk/Treasurer Curt Bryniarski that the city’s projects were not selected for state Local Road Improvement Project funding;

• Passed a resolution to accept donations of $100 from Mill Pond Townhomes for the Fire Department Truck Fund and $20 from Robert and Barb Schroeder for the Parks Project Fund;

• Approved a request from Morrison County to sell a tax forfeited property within city limits;

• Approved a $410 donation to the Initiative Foundation’s 2022 budget; and

• Opted to wait until its August meeting to decide whether or not to approve a requested donation of $610 to Hilltop Regional Kitchen. Council members wanted to know that the service is available to residents living within the city of Motley.

The next meeting of the Motley City Council is 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9, at Motley City Hall.

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