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I know, I know … it’s only November. But this is the first week of the new year in our church year, the beginning of Advent. In the Lutheran church (and in many other denominations), we mark time by a different calendar; a calendar that helps us to remember who we are as God’s people in the world. Advent is the first season, followed by Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

(Christmas — season of Christ’s birth. Epiphany — season celebrating Jesus revealed as savior of the whole world. Lent — season of repentance. We acknowledge our need for a savior and Jesus’ sacrifices, suffering and death on our behalf. Easter — season celebrating God’s victory over sin and death by his raising Jesus from the dead. Pentecost — the season celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit; and the season of our growing in faith and discipleship.)

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