Lynn Skiba and Brenna Dickmann

Lynn Skiba and Brenna Dickmann have been named as the October Students of the Month at Pierz Healy High School. They were chosen by the faculty committee, recognizing their high academic standards, leadership qualities and participation in extracurricular activities.

Skiba is the daughter of Vince and Kay Skiba, and has a brother, Gene, and sisters, Isabel and Emma.

During her high school career, Skiba has been involved in band (secretary), Jazz Band, Pit Band, Pep Band, volleyball, is vice president of the Spanish Club and of the Minnesota Honor Society (MHS), as well as in Peer Helping.

Her favorite of these activities, however, is band.

“It has introduced me to a lot of great new people and has given me a lot of great opportunities,” she said.

Her band instructor, Joel Pohland, called Skiba “an absolutely tremendous leader.”

“It is truly a joy to work with Lynn each day. She is always putting in extra work, asking for help when needed and models excellence all the time in the classroom and outside,” Pohland said.

It was with family that she experienced her greatest memory.

“My most memorable experience was meeting new people on our family trip to Mexico and being able to talk to them in Spanish,” she said.

Being able to speak Spanish is something Skiba points to as her greatest accomplishment.

Her mother, Kay, is Skiba’s role model.

“She is kind, strong, open-minded and hardworking,” Skiba said.

She may have picked up some of those attributes. “She never turns down an opportunity to lend a helping hand and wants to see everyone in the room be successful,” Pohland said. “This leadership is greatly appreciated and will be missed immensely nest year.”

This young woman, who says her friends would describe her as intelligent, funny and empathetic, will miss seeing those friends every day as her high school days end.

Upon graduation, Skiba plans to attend Minnesota State University - Moorhead to pursue a degree in actuarial sciences.

Dickmann is the daughter of Derrick and Nikki Dickmann and has three siblings, Brandon, Austin and Erika.

Involved throughout high school, Dickmann’s activities include being captain of the volleyball team, playing softball, being vice president of the Student Council, a member of MHS, as well as EPIC (Encouraging Positive Influence and Choices) and Peer Helping.

Dickmann said her favorite sport is softball because, “It’s a team and individual sport at the same time.”

Student Council is her favorite activity.

“I like to be involved in big decisions made for the students,” she said.

Student Council Adviser Kara Patrick calls Dickmann “highly motivated, hardworking and goal-oriented.”

“I have the privilege to work with Brenna in Student Council and she is an excellent leader. She is our vice president and leads others with grace, enthusiasm and a kind heart,” Patrick said.

“She wants to do her very best at school and in activities, so that she can achieve her goals,” Patrick said. “Brenna does all of this with a smile on her face.”

“She is always positive and wants what is best for everyone involved,” Patrick said. “She is just a great person.”

Her inspiration comes from her mom, who is her role model.

“She works so hard in school and at work all while still being a mom and friend to others,” Dickmann said.

Dickmann listed her most memorable moment as dancing the Jingle Bell Rock at the talent show.

Friends describe Dickmann as outgoing, funny, hardworking and independent. She will miss seeing all of them, especially the underclassmen, as she heads off to college.

Her plans are to attend college for nursing and to continue her softball career at the college level.

As Students of the Month, Skiba and Dickmann are eligible for $1,500 scholarships from Farmers and Merchants State Bank, sponsors of the Students of the Month program in Pierz.

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