Autumn Schoenrock

Autumn Schoenrock

Royalton High School announced that Autumn Schoenrock was selected as Student of the Month for September. She is the daughter of Jeff and Amy Schoenrock and older sister of Ava, Addison and Alise.

Schoenrock gives her family a lot of credit for where she is today.

“My family has probably been one of my biggest motivators when achieving success,” she said., “From an early age, they taught me the importance of hard work and determination which shaped me into the student I am today. Growing up with three younger sisters, I’ve learned how to share and be a leader. Although we argue, my sisters and I share an inseparable bond which shows in nearly every activity we are involved in together.”

At Royalton High School, Schoenrock is involved in many activities such as: volleyball, basketball, softball, Knowledge Bowl, MHS, YES Club and Student Council. She believes all these activities have been beneficial for her with each offering her different skills.

“Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of teamwork, time management and goal setting within my activities,” she said.

“Autumn is a one-of-a-kind special student. She excels in everything she does, and isn’t afraid to try new things. She is also a great worker and leader, as a coach she is one of those players that you always want on your team,” said Brad Baumann, social studies teacher and head girls basketball coach, “It’s been a pleasure having her in class and coaching her over the years, she will be deeply missed across all areas of Royalton High School when she graduates.”

Just like in school, Schoenrock enjoys numerous activities outside of school. She loves to hunt, fish, camp and is also involved in her church youth group.

“I love spending time outdoors, so most of my out of school activities occur in the fresh air. Additionally, I enjoy participating in my church youth group because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with other students and friends,” Schoenrock said.

When it comes to her classes, Schoenrock said her favorite class was college English comp.

“Contrary to many of my classmates, I enjoyed my composition I class. Of course, it was challenging, but I learned so much and found I really love expressing myself through writing,” she said. “For any student considering taking this class, I highly recommend it. I grew tremendously in my writing skills and knowledge. Plus, the class is college credit.”

A favorite memory for Schoenrock was beating Holdingford in the basketball playoffs last March,

“This is my favorite memory not only because it was exciting and fun, but because this game proved how much my team grew over the year. The first time we played Holdingford we lost by nearly 40 points,” she said.

For next year, Schoenrock knows she wants to continue her education, but has yet to decide where she wants to go. She plans to attend a four-year college, but is also unsure as to which career she will pursue, but has been exploring elementary education.

“I love working with children, so whichever direction I choose, I hope to be involved with kids,” she said.

“In 10 years, I hope to be successfully working and providing for my family. I see myself as a strong individual, capable of tackling any issue,” Schoenrock said about her future. “One day, I hope to travel around the world learning from new experiences each and every day.”

Schoenrock’s advice to high school freshmen is this: “Freshmen, high school can be challenging, but you’ll only get back as much as you put in; so, work hard, and have fun, for it’ll be senior year before you know it.”

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