St. Gabriel’s Pharmacy is helping patients take care of all of their health care needs under one roof.

The pharmacy, located on the first floor at the Family Medical Center in Little Falls, opened in late April. Retail Pharmacy Manager Scott Rudnicki said patients have so far appreciated the convenience of being able to get prescriptions filled immediately following their visit to the clinic.

“A lot of patients have said it’s really nice that they can walk right out of the clinic and get their prescriptions filled right away; instead of calling it in and having to go wait somewhere else,” Rudnicki said.

He added that, although it isn’t ideal to open a pharmacy in the middle of a pandemic, that has also been a plus for patients. Rather than go to an outside pharmacy and expose themselves to another store, they can get everything taken care of in one stop.

The new pharmacy replaces one on the third floor of the hospital that, Rudnicki said, was not as accessible to patients. It also did not offer over-the-counter medications, as the new one offers a wide variety.

“When I first started stocking the shelves I thought, ‘Whoa,’” Rudnicki said. “I can fit a lot of stuff on them.”

It also has been convenient for Rudnicki and the medical providers at CHI St. Gabriel’s.

“We are on the same system that (the patient’s) health care team has, so they can prescribe something and we can tailor our consultation with the patient to see what they’re going to use it for before they even come in the door,” Rudnicki said. “We also can write in there if we have a question or the doctor can ask us something to get an answer right away. Or, I can just walk back to the doctor and talk to them if I have a question while a patient is waiting for their prescription. I don’t have to call and try to get a hold of their nurse and have them track down the doctor just to ask a question.”

Right now, the pharmacy is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The potential is there for Saturday hours, as well, as business continues to pick up.

Rudnicki is the pharmacist on duty during all business hours, at which time patients or non-patients alike can also pick up over-the-counter medications, get vaccinations or schedule a consultation for smoking cessation. Mail-out service is also available for those who can’t make it in during regular business hours.

The pharmacy is able to provide patients with any prescription they may need. Even if they don’t have it in stock, Rudnicki said he will order it and it will be available the next day.

Overall, Rudnicki said patients will only benefit from the new location.

“I know the clinic is really excited to have us out here,” he said. “It’s a chance for us to work with the clinic for all of the patient’s health care needs. It’s nice to have that collaboration.”

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