To the Editor:

Not conspiracy but fact. Black Lives, co-founder stated in 2015 interview that herself Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, were trained as organizers and trained Marxists. When our cowardly governor stood down, allowing Twin Cities to burn. BLM spearheaded the violence and protests that destroyed our cities; now organizing nightly; burning cities and Bibles across America.

George Floyd update: three times lethal dose of fentanyl in bloodstream, convicted felon, drug addict; now honored at every Twins game. MLB and Twins either didn’t research the backstory, deceived or part of the Marxist movement

Meanwhile, at the Harding cemetery, lies the remains of a true hero, long forgotten, local farm boy PFC Lyle D. Hayes, 50 years ago in Viet Nam; who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Thousands of other heroes scattered in cemeteries across America. Athletes, cowards, taking a knee for anarchy, contributing to demise of America; tremendous disgrace and insult to those who died for their country.

After 59 years I’m done supporting these unpatriotic, self important, unappreciative weak entities; kneeling to BLM and Antifa.

Either you stand for tyranny or stand for freedom. What say you? — Daniel Bednark, Harding

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