Sharon Delores Murphy, 74, Little Falls, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court to two years of probation for a gross misdemeanor conviction of obstructing the legal process - interfering with a peace officer.

On May 2020, an officer with the Little Falls Police Department received a report of a dog theft in the city of Little Falls. When he responded to the scene, the complainant stated he let his Pomeranian named Buddy outside to go to the bathroom, at which time he observed Murphy, who was his neighbor, holding Buddy and walking into her own house.

When the officer attempted to make contact with Murphy, she would not answer the door, but he could hear a small dog barking inside the residence. When Murphy did finally come to the door, she said she was “not going to help with anything” and slammed the door in the officer’s face.

The officer obtained a warrant to go into Murphy’s residence to seize the dog she had stolen from her neighbor. When Murphy came to the door, officers displayed the warrant through a glass, outer door that was still closed. Murphy yelled at the officers that she was not going to let them into her house. Officers told her multiple times that they had a search warrant to enter her residence, but she continued to yell at them from approximately two feet behind the closed, glass door.

An officer eventually shattered the glass door and attempted to reach through the metal bars to unlock the door from the inside. At one point, Murphy stepped forward and another officer on scene observed she had a cell phone in one hand and a steak knife in the other. The officers stepped back from the door, and Murphy was warned several times that she would be tased if she did not step away from the door. She refused to comply, and the taser was deployed.

Officers were able to take Murphy into custody, and Buddy was returned safely to his owner.

A felony count of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and a misdemeanor were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Murphy was given credit for four days served in local confinement.

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