Michael Alan Rogers, 52, Motley, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court to pay $2,506.97 in restitution and seven years of probation on felony convictions of first degree damage to property and threats of violence along with a gross misdemeanor conviction for third degree damage to property.

Rogers was given credit for 402 days served in local confinement. As a result of a plea deal, three more felony charges and another gross misdemeanor charge were dismissed.

On Sept. 10, 2019, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic assault in Motley. The victim had called 911 to report that she had been assaulted by Rogers in his apartment in Motley. The victim reported Rogers pinned her to the ground, took out a knife and held it to her throat while threatening to “gut” her. She said he fled the scene and was hiding in a wooded area behind the apartment building.

Multiple law enforcement officers searched the area. A deputy eventually found him walking across a field, but he did not comply with commands from law enforcement. After a deputy from Todd County was able to get him in handcuffs, a knife and small bottle of alcohol were found on his person. He became argumentative and uncooperative with officers, and began kicking at them. Once inside the squad car, he began kicking the side door and window as well as banging his head on the window. He was placed in leg restraints and began threatening law enforcement, telling one officer he was going to kill him.

While being transported to the Morrison County Jail, he continued to threaten the officer and his family. He also caused damage to the squad car by continuing to kick the window and banging his head on the glass of the front cage.

He remained uncooperative at the jail, and continued his threats against the officer and his family, as well as a deputy and his family. He said after he got out of jail he would “get his revenge.”

While giving a statement to law enforcement at the hospital, the victim had “blood all over her hair and on her face.” She told a deputy she attempted to leave the apartment, but Rogers punched her in the forehead and held a knife to her throat. He later threw the knife at her and hit her a few more times.

She also told the deputy that Rogers had sexually assaulted her prior to the knife incident, according to the criminal complaint.

An officer took photographs at Rogers’ apartment, where he observed blood drops throughout the apartment. He also saw several knives along with blood on a pillow and blonde hair on the sheets.

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