Nathan Keneth Kmetz, 50, of Motley, was charged with third degree burglary and theft of moveable property valued between $1,000-$5,000 without consent.

According to the complaint, a Morrison County District Judge issued a writ of recovery and order to vacate directed at Kmetz on July 23. The order directed the sheriff to remove Kmetz from a residence located on Aztec Road in Morrison County. The order directed the sheriff to remove Kmetz, his family and any personal property from the premises within 24 hours of the posting of the Writ.

On Oct. 3, an individual called the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office to report an alleged burglary and theft. The caller allegedly advised a deputy that his mother had died and her estate was in probate. The caller allegedly stated he is the executor of the estate and that Kmetz is no longer supposed to be at the residence.

The individual reported to the Sheriff’s Office that on Oct. 1, neighbors saw Kmetz outside of the garage at the residence. The caller told law enforcement that a golf cart valued at $4,000 and other items were allegedly missing from the garage. The caller told deputies that the golf cart and other property allegedly belongs to his mother’s estate and that Kmetz has no claim or right to it.

A deputy spoke to neighbors, who allegedly confirmed seeing Kmetz at the property. The deputy contacted the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office and asked a deputy to go to Kmetz’s residence, which is located in Wadena County

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office responded to Kmetz’s residence and allegedly located the stolen golf cart. The item was removed from the property and returned to the complainant.

If convicted, Kmetz faces up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $20,000.

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