To the Editor:

Harding Place would like to thank Wendy Young, Galen Janson and Eleanor Skochenski for the cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and sweet corn that were donated to Harding Place. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is appreciated. The vegetables were enjoyed by all.

— Laurie Doroff, Harding Place manager, Harding

To the Editor:

Lone Eagle Auto Club of Little Falls would like to thank City Sanitary Commercial for their generous donation of a dumpster to help make our 45th annual car show a success.

— Vicki Nieman, Lone Eagle Auto Club, Little Falls

To the Editor:

    The Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce sends a thank you to the community for assisting with another successful Arts and Craft Fair. The Chamber is pleased to sponsor this economic boost that benefits the local business and nonprofit communities.

— Debora K. Boelz, Chamber president/CEO, Little Falls

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