Being named July Employee of the Month by the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce came as a pleasant surprise to Michaela Cole, assistant manager at Domino’s in Little Falls.

    “It’s nice to be recognized. It was the nice what the nomination said,” she said.

    The anonymous nomination the Chamber received highlighted Cole’s dedication to the restaurant, her extreme attention to details and her knowledge about product quality and procedures.

    As Cole’s parents, Shane and Debbie Cole, own Domino’s in Little Falls, she grew up in the business. While she didn’t officially start working for the restaurant until October 2013 when she was 14 or 15, she said, Cole had been a part of the business since she was in kindergarten.

    “She grew up understanding the workings of the store,” Shane said.

    When Cole started working at the restaurant in 2013, she performed a variety of tasks, such as folding boxes and helping her mom with preparing. Now, as she has worked her way up the ranks, from shift manager in 2015 to the assistant manager position, she handles many responsibilities, such as opening the store in the mornings and closing at night, delegating responsibilities on slow nights, making pizzas, answering phones, taking orders, making sure everything runs smoothly and more.

    Cole said that being homeschooled while growing up gave her the opportunity to be more at the store. It also taught her how to manage time as well as money well. She graduated from high school two years ago and isn’t quite sure as to what her next chapter in life would be or when.

    Cole said she is often asked if she will take over the restaurant from her parents one day. However, she has no plans to do so, she said.

    There are many things she likes about working at Domino’s. While she enjoys completing the various tasks, it is the people she encounters that she loves the most, from the staff she is working with to the customers she serves.

    Many customers are regulars. Some has ordered the same thing for years like clockwork.

    “I know what they are going to order before they say anything, so that is cool to know things like the back of my hand because I have been here for so long,” she said.

    Working at Domino’s with the public has helped Cole to overcome her shyness.

    “When I started here, I was very introverted and quiet. Now I have developed and have gotten out of my shell, because this job forces you to talk to people,” she said.

    Being the child of a local restaurant owner followed Cole in other ways during her childhood. When she was younger and attended birthday parties, more than once the parents of the birthday child apologized to Cole for ordering pizza from another business. In one way, she said, it was as if they were afraid of offending her.

    “I told them I didn’t care,” she said.

    Despite working at a pizzeria, Cole doesn’t eat a lot of pizza as she somewhat grew tired of it. However, when she does eat pizza, she usually go for a simple cheese or veggie pizza.

    A question Cole gets from time to time is whether she believes pineapple belongs on pizza. She is for it, she said.

    Cole’s dad and supervisor, Shane, has nothing but praise for her. He has observed her grow and hone her skills as to what it takes manage the business. She is very dedicated to the business, the staff and the customers.

    “Countless times she has come in to help out others when we are busy even though she is not scheduled,” Shane said.

    When Cole isn’t working, she enjoys photography and going for walks with her beagles, Bella and Bowie.

    As Employee of the Month, Cole received gift certificates from Coborn’s Marketplace, Fresh Hair Professionals, Heartland Tire, Melgram Jewelers, Papa Murphy’s, Subway and Vacuum Cleaner Outlet and Service Center.



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