Michael Emory Allen, 33, Lino Lakes, was charged in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of disarming a peace officer along with gross misdemeanor counts of fourth degree assault against a peace officer and obstructing the legal process.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 23, two deputies from the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office went to a residence in Morrison County where they believed Allen lived. He had a felony warrant out for his arrest.

The homeowners allegedly gave the deputies permission to search the residence, at which time one of them observed Allen in a bedroom and ordered him to put his hands up and walk slowly toward the deputies. He initially complied, but once outside the bedroom, he allegedly lowered his shoulders and attacked one of the deputies by pushing him across the hallway and into a small bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Allen allegedly tried to gain control of the deputy’s firearm.

The deputy was attempting to hold onto his firearm with one hand while allegedly “trying to gain control of Allen” with the other hand. The deputy allegedly said he feared Allen would get the firearm out of the holster.

The other deputy allegedly deployed a taser into Allen’s back, but it appeared to have little effect on him, as he allegedly continued to reach for the firearm. The deputy then allegedly put his arms around Allen’s neck and attempted to pull him away from his partner. Allen allegedly continued to resist and kept reaching for the gun.

The deputy who wasn’t being attacked then allegedly re-engaged his taser “as a drive stun” into Allen’s right cheek area. All three men allegedly fell to the floor of the bathroom.

Allen allegedly landed on his back and continued to fight with the deputies. In addition, there was a can of blue paint in the bathroom that tipped over and spilled on the floor, according to the complaint. It caused the floor to be slippery and blue paint was covering the deputies and Allen. According to the complaint, “Allen is a large man” and the deputies appeared to be losing control of the situation as Allen attempted to get back on his feet.

Allen allegedly grabbed the toilet seat and broke it off of the toilet, at which time deputies feared he would use it as a weapon against them. One deputy then re-engaged his taser to Allen’s right jawline, which allowed them to finally gain control of his hands, according to the complaint.

Multiple other law enforcement officers arrived at the scene to assist the deputies. Allen was allegedly “dragged out” of the bathroom and placed in the squad car, the complaint said.

Allen faces a maximum penalty of 4.5 years imprisonment and/or up to $11,000 in fines.

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