To the Editor:

The Virginia Department of Education has eliminated accelerated math courses to “improve equity in mathematics learning opportunities.” That reduces all students to the level of the dumbest kid enrolled. Forget about the students who excel in STEM-related curriculum and our country’s future ability to compete in a global marketplace.

The push to de-fund police forces has resulted in increased crime; they couldn’t see this coming?

Teachers (not all) are judging and condemning America based on past civil rights abuses, rather than on the reforms enacted to mend past offenses.

The SCOTUS holds that children are too young to be held accountable for murder but old enough to legally murder their unborn child.

The threat of COVID-19 requires mask-wearing even though we’re fully immunized. News reporters make their reports wearing masks even though the camera-man, 6 feet away, is the only person around. Our president, alone in a room with his computer, attends a worldwide conference via Zoom and is wearing a mask.

I have often claimed that, in many cases, the further we separate ourselves from God, the further we separate ourselves from wisdom and common sense. Pray for our country and our leaders. 

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