To the Editor:

Law enforcement urges your vote for Gazelka and Kresha Nov. 3.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association represents Minnesota’s public safety officers, including police, corrections officials, dispatchers and firefighters.

We’re writing to urge your support and vote for Sen. Paul Gazelka and Rep. Ron Kresha in the General Election, Nov. 3. The MPPOA wholeheartedly endorses them because they are exceptional advocates for the towns and townships in the area.

Both Gazelka and Kresha are strong supporters of our first responders and public safety officials. They stand against attempts to defund and dismantle the police, and they promote public safety legislation that keeps communities safe.

Please join us in supporting Sen. Gazelka and Rep. Kresha in the General Election Nov. 3.

— Brian Peters, executive director, Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, St. Paul

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