Jonathan Greyblood

Jonathan Greyblood

Jonathan Greyblood will have to provide a DNA swab after a motion made by the prosecution was granted Monday in Morrison County District Court.

Greyblood, 30, Little Falls, was charged on Feb. 9 with one count of second degree murder — a homicide that was committed with intent but without premeditation — and one count of second degree murder without intent while committing a felony in connection to the death of his wife, Jeanine Greyblood, on Feb. 6.

Greyblood, who is being held in the Morrison County Jail, only spoke once during Monday’s brief appearance in front of District Court Judge Leonard A. Weiler. That came when he answered “Yes, Sir,” when Weiler asked if he understood he would be required to provide a DNA sample via cheek swab when asked to do so by law enforcement.

Greyblood’s attorney, David Buchin, asked the judge to deny the prosecution’s motion for a DNA swab. He alleged the County Attorney’s Office had not showed enough evidence that a DNA sample would sufficiently “aid in determining whether he is guilty or not” during initial discovery.

“There is basically just a re-statement of some of the allegations from the complaint.” Buchin said. “There isn’t anything in there that shows there is a DNA sample to compare to, so it’s our position that the state hasn’t met its burden under rule 9.02 to show materiality of this. We would ask that, at least for now, that the motion be denied pending receipt of further information.”

Assistant Morrison County Attorney Laura Welle responded by saying DNA collected from the victim could be used for comparison to Greyblood’s sample.

“Your Honor, the response I would have is that given the allegations in the complaint that Mr. Greyblood has admitted to strangling the victim, there could be DNA on the victim’s fingernails which could be used to compare his DNA sample,” Welle said. “That would be the additional information that I would argue is material information that would aid the state in proving that the defendant committed this offense.”

Greyblood will be required to submit a DNA sample prior to his next appearance, an omnibus hearing scheduled for 1 p.m., Monday, March 22. He will be expected to enter a plea at that time.

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