The Holdingford Huskers lost a close matchup with Paynesville on Oct. 26. Holdingford came into this game having won big over Montevideo.

The Huskers coached by Luke Mitchell have been playing well this season but fell just a little short to Paynesville 48-27.

Quarterback Drew Lange threw for 65 yards of total offense, with zero touchdows to three interceptions.

In the first half of play Holdingford went onto score seven points in the first quarter and 14 points in the second quarter equating for three touchdowns in the first half of play.

This usually lends itself well for the team that scores three endzone drives resulting in touchdowns before half, however Paynesville did one better with four touchdowns in the first half.

In the second half Holdingford could only muster up a single touchdown in the fourth quarter while Paynesville scored once in the third and once in the fourth to give the Paynesville bulldogs the advantage in this game.

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