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Home schooling leads to ice cream truck business

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Home schooling leads to ice cream truck business

Selling ice cream has been a new and fun adventure for the Hollermann family. Pictured are front (from left): Angela, Josie, Tucker and Dustin Hollermann. Back row: Adeline and Nora Hollermann.

    Hearing the jingle of an ice cream truck nearby often brings smiles to children and adults alike.

    “There are people blocks away waiting for you because they can hear the music. You just can’t miss it,” said Angela Hollermann of Hancock.

    Together with her husband, Dustin, they recently purchased an ice cream truck in April. As people were already familiar with its name, “Curb Side Treats,” the Hollermanns decided to keep the name, she said.

    As the Hollermanns homeschool their four children, Tucker, 12, Josie, 11, Nora, 9, and Adeline, 4, they continuously look for ways to enhance their children’s education. Wanting to teach them about finance, the children are involved in everything it takes to run a business, from learning what it means to be a limited liability company (LLC) to how to manage a business bank account.

    “Not all classrooms have four walls. This classroom happens to have four wheels,” Angela said.

    Since the family started selling ice cream in May, they have had a lot of fun and have met a lot of new people. People are genuinely excited to see them, she said.

    It also touched their hearts when the elderly flagged them down, regardless whether they had their grandchildren with them or not.

    “They just wanted ice cream because they remember that from their childhood. They were kids at heart,” Angela said.

    At one point as they were traveling down the road, Angela said, several cars flagged them down. Thinking they wanted to pass, Dustin pulled over to the side and to their surprise, three cars pulled over behind them.

    “They just wanted to buy ice cream,” she said.

    Since Angela homeschools and Dustin, who works for Riverview Dairy in Morris, is able to work remotely for about half of the time, the family travels quite a bit. Most recently, they were in Corpus Christi, a Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico. They also have the opportunity to visit various sites during the week to incorporate it into their learning, whether it is visiting a museum or taking a trip to beach. Angela also likes that she is able to set their own schedule depending on what is going on.

    By selling ice cream, the children also learn customer service and have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. It’s also a good way for them to work together, discover their strong suits and use their talents.

    “It teaches our kids the value of a dollar and where it comes from,” Dustin said.

    Returning to Morrison County to sell ice cream last weekend was a lot of fun. Not only because of the many memories that were made, but also because it was like returning home to their roots in a way. Both Angela and Dustin grew up in rural Little Falls. While he graduated from Little Falls Community High School in 2000, she graduated from the same school in 2003.

    Angela said that although the family travels a lot, their heart is in Upsala were they also have a residence that they are currently renting out. Since Dustin works in Morris, they also rent a home there, she said.

    Curb Side Treats offers a wide variety of ice cream, such as SpongeBob SquarePants popsicle bar, Spider-Man popsicle bar, Choco Taco, Snickers ice cream bar, orange pushups and more.

    “We have about 20 different items at any given time. We plan on changing things, too, so the 20 items will never stay the same,” Angela said.

    While Curb Side Treats does not have a set schedule as to when they will be selling ice cream in Little Falls, a good indicator that they may be out and about is good weather.

    “Just listen for the sound,” Angela said.

    Curb Side Treats can also be booked for birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, graduation parties and more by calling (320) 360-6141.

    Curb Side Treats served ice cream at Lincoln Elementary School and at Lindbergh Elementary School as well as at Dr. S.G. Knight Elementary School in Randall recently. Their presence was certainly welcomed by students who were ready for a special treat before summer break begins.









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