Xavier Hill, 31, Little Falls, has been charged in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation after an incident that occurred on Dec. 30, 2020.

According to the criminal complaint, on Dec. 30, 2020, a female victim contacted the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office to report that her boyfriend, Hill, was at her residence located in Little Falls. She told law enforcement that the couple had gotten into a verbal argument over the phone and Hill threatened to leave the residence and leave the children unattended. A deputy responded and found Hill was still there with the children. He allegedly told the deputy that he had gotten into a verbal altercation, but was not going to leave the children and the scene was cleared.

A short while later, the victim called the Sheriff’s Office again and advised that she believed Hill had left the residence and the children were unattended. The same deputy responded and discovered Hill had left and the children were unattended. He advised the victim of the situation and she asked the deputy if he could watch the kids until she could get back home. While the deputy was waiting, the criminal complaint said Hill arrived back at the residence. The victim told the deputy that she didn’t want Hill there anymore and he gathered his belongings and left. The scene was again cleared after the victim arrived at home.

The deputy was several miles away from the residence when the victim reportedly called again and reported that Hill was coming back and she didn’t want him there. When the deputy arrived at the residence for the third time, he observed that the front door was wide open and he could hear a female voice screaming inside.

The deputy ran inside the residence and to an upstairs bedroom from where the screams were coming. The door was open a crack and he could see the victim was laying on the floor and Hill was on top of her, according to the criminal complaint. He allegedly had his fingers and most of his hand in the victim’s mouth, restraining her from breathing. He also allegedly observed Hill strike the victim in the face with the hand that was not in her mouth.

The deputy opened the door and allegedly witnessed Hill strike the victim in the face a second time. Hill was placed under arrest, and the deputy noted that the victim had “major swelling and bruising” on the left side of her forehead. She was also bleeding from her forehead and believed Hill had damaged her teeth, the complaint said.

If convicted, Hill faces three years imprisonment and/or a $5,000 fine.

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