To the Editor:

The dumping of cheap, poor quality steel into our economy is having devastating effects on the economies of our state and nation. Even more so, on the economy of our Iron Range where 1,750 people are laid off from their jobs. This cheap, low grade steel is being dumped into our economy at below the cost of production by Japan and China.

Rep. Rick Nolan is working on two remedies to help the Iron Range mining industries recover from this dumping of steel. The first is an executive order by President Obama. A similar executive order to stop the dumping of steel was first done by President Bush in 2002. This new executive order would stop the importation of steel by imposing a tariff on steel imports. That would allow our state and national economy to continue to grow.

The best solution would be to pass Rep. Nolan’s bill. He has introduced the Support Our Steelworkers Act H. R. 4130, which would immediately halt the importation of steel and steel products for five years.

Senators Franken and Klobuchar along with Gov. Dayton also support halting the importation of foreign steel.

Thank them along with Rep. Nolan for supporting Minnesota workers. — Gary Gannon, Randall

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