To the Editor:

Republicans’ unwillingness to compromise, ended the June special legislative session without accomplishing what we needed here.

There was $841 million from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was supposed to help small towns and counties, including Morrison. The House bill distributed $350 million to cities, $467 million to counties and $24 million to towns across Minnesota.

Lawmakers also failed to agree on a jobs bill that would have improved state-owned buildings; parks and trails; roads and bridges; and wastewater treatment facilities, including needed projects here in Morrison County. Our communities depend on state funding for jobs and projects that impact our quality of life.

The Legislature didn’t have to adjourn, but Sen. Paul Gazelka said senators wouldn’t meet past June 19. The Senate could have stayed longer and compromised to help Minnesotans; they had plenty of time to be ready.

There will likely be another special session. I encourage you to contact Sen. Gazelka,, and Rep. Kresha,, and encourage them to get CARES money to our communities and pass a bonding bill that puts people to work and gives our area safe water and safer roads. Those projects come from local property taxes if they don’t.

— Roman Witucki, Little Falls

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