To the Editor:

Senator Gazelka is the endorsed candidate for Senate District 9. He is the voice of experience and is the Senate Majority Leader.

He consistently defends life from conception to natural death. He stands for the 2nd Amendment and protects it consistently from those who want to limit our rights. While understanding and working for police reforms, he won’t defund the police. He understands rural Minnesota needs and opposes all tax increases, including Walz’ gas tax.

Senator Gazelka is an effective voice for his district and works hard to meet his constituents’ needs. He focuses on our rural Minnesota values and the needs of our communities.

Senator Gazelka is the calm in the storm and in all these crises we have recently faced. He is listened to by both sides. He pays attention to his constituents and to all Minnesotans. He’s passionate about making Minnesota the best it can be. Senator Gazelka’s experience and leadership serves us well. A newcomer would not have his influence or authority. Senator Gazelka has done a good job and will continue to.

Vote for Senator Gazelka first in the primary and then in the general election. We need good leaders we can trust.

— Joyce Heffron, Little Falls

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