To the Editor:

Minnesota is held hostage by Gov. Walz’ one size fits all proclamations during this COVID-19 outbreak. Treating Morrison County, the same as the Twin Cities shows how Metro-Centrist Walz is.

As soon as I heard that Walz declared a Peacetime Emergency Declaration on March 13, I knew it was for one reason, a power grab for federal dollars. In his request to the White House for Federal Disaster Relief, he stated the purpose was “to stay ahead of the curve.” On March 25, Walz issues a stay-at-home order. On April 17, Walz announces Minnesota will “partner with six other states, to collaborate as they reopen their economies and scale back from stay at home orders.”

What is this consortium of other states for Gov. Walz? You are supposed to be the executive of the state of Minnesota. You have a state full of Minnesotans. We have representation in St. Paul, consult your Legislature.

I am extremely grateful we have Rep. Kresha and Sen. Gazelka working tirelessly on our behalf. I know they uphold the values we hold dear in Greater Minnesota. I know they work across the aisle to accomplish what is best for Minnesotans. — Patty Wilczek, deputy chair MC GOP, Little Falls

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