To the Editor:

Have you ever wanted to change something? Most of us have. The upcoming Crow Wing Power Board Elections are coming up and we definitely need some changes there.

There continues to be a lot of questions at CWP. Does the upcoming mining project have individual royalties for anyone? Are there non-disclosure agreements (NDA) being offered for hush agreements? Why are long-term, faithful employees being pushed out? Why are there still parts of the monthly meetings closed to folks, including one board member? Why don’t the minutes have “all” the information from the meetings?

These three folks; Bryan McCulloch, Gary Bakken and Loren Beilke, have promised to get answers. Please vote for them in the upcoming election. You can and should vote in all districts, not just yours.

Let’s bring honesty, transparency, fiscal responsibility and accountability back to Crow Wing Power.

For more information, go to www.cwpaccountabili — John Ward, Baxter

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