The Upsala City Council heard an update from Tim and Amy Jo Matros about the progress of the building of Upsala Senior Living, Monday.

“Speaking to our construction guy, everything is coming together, so we’re thinking mid-November, we should be able to hit the groundbreaking and get into the ground. We’ll put up the walls and the roof and get the shell of the building heated throughout the winter and then the construction crew work in the building throughout the winter,” Tim said.

According to the design, Tim said the plan is to build studio units by the outside walls of the building with a dining room, kitchen, offices and other spaces located in the center of the facility.

All of the resident rooms will also have its own heat control system. Corner rooms that are set up for couples will also share a bathroom while the other resident rooms will each have its own bathroom.

“In addition to that, we are going to have a separate spa room that will have rollout tubs for our residents and then there will be a roll in shower there, as well. We’ve done that at a couple of our sites and residents really enjoyed that,” Tim said.

They plan to hire home health aides and a nurse, who are trained to administer medication, assist residents with their care needs, such as bathing, dressing, toileting and more.

Tim said that while some assisted living facilities don’t accept residents with diabetes, Upsala Senior Living will. Those who are in need of oxygen will also be monitored and cared for.

The only people the Upsala Senior Living staff wouldn’t be equipped to care for would be residents with a need for complex 24/7 medical care. However, because the Matros’ partner with home health care agencies, they would be able to get staff to help with any additional needs, Tim said.

“Likewise, we also partner with hospice agencies and as long as we’re able to meet the residents’ needs, we’ll work with them through end of life, what that is possible,” Tim said.

Three meals will be provided to the residents daily along with housekeeping and laundry services. Each resident will also be equipped with a call pendant, so when they need help, they can just hit a button, Tim said.

Before a resident moves in, Upsala Senior Living will ensure that it can meet the individual’s needs. He or she will first be assessed by a registered nurse where a series of questions are asked. Once moved in, the nurse will check on the resident periodically to see if the needs have changed.

Tim said he and Amy Jo are planning to hire about 25 full- and part-time employees for Upsala Senior Living. The senior living facility will also offer a variety of therapy groups for its residents, such as completing physical exercises in their room, walking up and down the hallway and showing them other exercises they can do in between.

“It’s been a good project. We’re excited,” Tim said.

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