To the Editor:

For example, I know my fellow veterans were honorable people who served their country. But President Trump referred to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice as “losers” and “suckers” and he’s refused to do anything about Russia paying bounties for killing American troops.

Trump says his tax bill helps the middle class, but his tax law helps the rich, the powerful and large corporations. It’s had no noticeable impact on employee’s, wages, it failed to increase business investment and it made corporate tax revenues plummet so lower and middle class taxpayers will have to pay more. (

Trump says he’s for farmers, and tariffs would be paid by China, but Ag Commissioner Perdue said, “We knew going in that when you flew the penalty flag on China, the retaliation, if it came, would be against the farmer.”

Trump ads warn of “Biden’s America,” but the riots, demonstrations, environmental damage and thousands of unnecessary deaths are on his watch, and he’s trying to allow health insurance to deny you for pre-existing conditions.

Truman said. “The buck stops here” ... Trump says, “send the bucks here.”

Election day is Nov. 3. — Roman Witucki, Little Falls

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