To the Editor:

President Trump left a protected life to run for president. Because he is a successful businessman, he felt he could make America great again. He’s not a polished politician. Yes, he is very self-centered, yes he tweets (the only way he can get his message out). President Trump made many promises and kept them. Not like a politician who promises everything and produces nothing.

I believe the left has accused our president of everything they are doing to distract from their behavior.

I urge President Trump to release all investigation into Russian collusion, redacting classified information, the Muller probe and Benghazi, fast and furious. Let the voters see it all.

I pray God keeps our Christian faith alive and growing in America. Thanks be to God.

I remain a loyal American, God-loving and believing. I’m very saddened at the disrespect the leftists show. — Shirley Stukey, Hillman

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