To the Editor:

Is anyone else tired of the endless anti-Trump, anti-Republican comments, both nationally and locally? Lately, it’s all about Trump’s handling of COVID-19. The fact is, despite mostly resistance from the other side, he has done an incredible job.

After imposing the travel ban on China on January 31, Joe Biden, whom a previous writer predicts will save us from all this, called Trump’s actions “hysterical, xenophobic and fear-mongering.” His Democratic colleagues in D.C., every single one, were obsessed with impeachment while Trump was leading the nation.

When additional bans were placed on 26 countries of Europe on March 12, and then on the UK and Ireland on March 14, our president again received tremendous criticism.

On various occasions he has activated the Defense Production Act including on General Motors on March 12, to make ventilators. In only three weeks the first ones arrived. In one week, at his direction, the Corps of Engineers converted the Javits Convention Center in New York City into a 2500 bed hospital. He directed our military to ensure distribution of vital medical supplies. The list goes on.

In short, President Donald Trump has been an amazing leader. Help instead of resistance from the other side sure would be nice. Pray for him. — Ken Toenies, Randall

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