2019 Oktoberfest button

Thursday, Aug. 22

People come up with a hundred reasons

Why they go here or go there.

But to experience our four seasons,

Is that which few things can compare.

Wednesday, Aug. 21

If you go past like a rocket

You may as well just stayed in bed.

To quote that pioneer Davy Crockett,

Always be sure you are right, then go ahead.

2019 Wooden Pierz Medallion

This is what the hidden medallion looks like -- a specialy carved wooden image of the actual Oktoberfest button

Tuesday, Aug. 20

It happens the same time each year

Cool breezes fast approaching

Team are ready to hear you cheer

Without a bit of coaching.

Monday, Aug. 19

Finders will gain 500 Pierz Bucks

They’ll sometimes scream and shout

A parade ride behind the fire trucks

Is something worth smiling about.

Sunday, Aug. 18

It is Pierz Oktoberfest Week

A great time for some hi-jinks.

Steer clear of the running creek

And the city’s groomed golf links.

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