Sean Kenneth Vandervegt, 35, St. Cloud, is facing a felony charge in Morrison County District Court for allegedly receiving stolen property.

The charge stems from a March 30 incident, when the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a vehicle being stolen out of its county.

On May 7, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a vehicle had been parked at the Cushing Town Hall for several days.

The license plate number on the vehicle allegedly matched the one from truck stolen from Aitkin County.

When a deputy arrived at the scene, an individual allegedly said the truck had been parked at a nearby residence for a couple months.

The owner of the residence allegedly said Vandervegt, a friend of her son’s, had driven the truck to her property and left it there.

She allegedly said Vandervegt and others had pushed the truck off her property and to the town hall.

The resident allegedly said she had only ever seen Vandervegt drive the truck.

Investigators spoke with Vandervegt at the Wright County Jail and he allegedly said an individual had picked him up in the truck and taken him to the residence near Cushing Township Hall.

Vandervegt allegedly said the individual had left the truck behind at the residence.

He allegedly said he had thought the truck may have been stolen, but did not bring up the issue and he did not know how to contact the individual.

If convicted, Vandervegt faces up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

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