To the Editor:

When this virus started, it scared the world. People were worried, “What’s going to happen to us?”

This is what happened: our government stepped in to help. At first it was great, but “money must grow on trees,” otherwise where else would $1,200/person come from? I’m talking about the stimulus checks.

Meanwhile, those that are working are getting screwed. These are the people who are keeping our economy going and they’re hurting.

Some employers are being jerks. Instead of laying people off, they’re asking them to voluntarily cut their own hours. This way there’s no unemployment. These people might have to stand in the welfare line.

To be truthful, those on welfare are reaping the additional money, instead of those who could benefit more.

Breakdown (using $250 for example only)

If you are laid off — $250/week plus $600/week times four weeks equals $3,400/month times six months equals $20,400 per six-month period ($40,800/year).

Where did the money come from?

For those working, I’ll use 32 hours at $14/hour equals $448/week equals $1,792/month times six months equals $10,752 ($21,504/year). What a shame!

I told you: “money must grow on trees” except for those that are working. — Cindy Poppen, Little Falls

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