To the Editor:

Two days after the election, Sen. Gazelka and about 150 others gathered for a dinner party where few people wore masks. Some, including Gazelka, later tested positive for COVID, but the Senate Republican Caucus only sent an internal memo about the outbreak, and didn’t notify the event center, DFL legislators, or non-partisan staff.

Most Minnesotans care enough about others to protect them by wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We should be able to trust our elected leaders to do at least that much. Gazelka and the rest of the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus failed miserably at that.

Worse yet, while ignoring the fact that they were placing other Minnesotans, including our most vulnerable, in deadly danger, they used their own great health care coverage to get early detection and treatment. The same affordable health care coverage they have should be a right for all Minnesotans. That’s what Gazelka, his caucus, and their supporters should have worked on instead of mocking mask wearers and showing no concern for the health — or even the lives — of others.

Shame on Gazelka. Shame on the GOP Senate Republican Caucus. Shame on anyone claiming to be pro-life and placing others’ lives in danger. — Roman Witucki, Little Falls

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