Morrison County Public Health sent all residents who receive the Morrison County Record a white envelope that included a clear seed packet and an informational handout. These seeds were purchased from local businesses and a reputable seed company. These seed packets are not linked to the seeds some Minnesotans are receiving in the mail from China. They are safe to plant and eat.

Sending residents the seeds was done under a program called “One Vegetable, One Community,” which aims to strengthen Morrison County by building relationships, developing knowledge about gardening, and increasing access to healthy foods.

Staff members at Public Health are interested in hearing how this project went for residents. Residents can fill out a survey to share how the project went for them. The survey will be posted on Facebook @Morrison County One Vegetable One Community.

Paper copies of the survey are also located at Morrison County Public Health or in the take a mask, leave a mask box. This box is located on the north-west end of the historic government center.

Residents can drop off completed surveys in the black drop box which is located in the horseshoe parking lot, south side of the Morrison County Government Center or mail them to Morrison County Public Health at 213 First Ave. SE Little Falls, MN 56345.

Residents who are unable to access the drop box or the Facebook page and are interested in filling out a survey, can call (320) 632-6664.

Morrison County Public Health supports physical and emotional well-being during this time. It encourages people to stay active whether inside or outside, provided they practice safe social distancing, eat well, take a break from the constant news buzz, and spend time with their immediate family.

Residents are invited to check out the Morrison County Fit Trail located at Pine Grove Park in Little Falls for a fun outdoor activity.

Morrison County Public Health is open to calls from the public 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at (320) 632-6664. Addition information and resources is available on the Public Health Facebook page or online at

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