To the Editor:

I am writing in response to several letters in last week’s paper.

National polls report that 54% of Americans say they are better off than they were four years ago. Trump’s tax bill does help the middle class. And it does not take away from Social Security. The Social Security and Medicare tax which is deducted from wages and matched by employers is still being paid in and nobody is going to end Social Security payments for senior citizens.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said that any new health care bill would cover pre-existing conditions.

Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned white supremacists. He has also condemned the violence coming from the left.

There have always been poll watchers. I was a poll watcher one year in two different precincts in the St. Cloud area. I noted no irregularities in the voting at that time.

The self professed Upsala Biden fan’s chickens have apparently entered the fray. Their chicken Bink (Trump fan) must be the chicken I see out communing with nature, eating off the land and fending for itself. The Biden fan chicken must be the one which is back at the feeder waiting for someone to feed it. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum

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