To the Editor:

I am a huge fan of Trump, by the way, and pleased that thousands showed up to support him at Target Center. However, he can only do so much to help us locally.

He did just sign an executive order requiring all future refugee resettlement plans to be first approved by local officials. Trouble is, your officials, even here in Little Falls, tend to side with Gov. Walz, the Met Council, League of Cities, Region 5 and Sourcewell. Guess what their plans for you are? Read carefully the governor’s and the equity blueprint.

Your own LF Comprehensive Plan has been designed by some of these groups. That document is based on the misnamed, Sustainable Development principles. This plan calls for affordable housing to accommodate the 34% increase of population that they will encourage along with large increases in parks and trails within city limits. A corresponding large increase in tax base is planned. This is only a draft, but had Green Steps passed, Step 6 would have required many of these ideas to become ordinances.

The president cannot help you with this. Contact all your elected officials and weigh in. It’s yours to lose. — Greg Smith, Little Falls Township

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