Pierz Class of 1969

At their 50-year reunion Sept. 28, members of the Pierz Healy High School class of 1969 toured the school and visited the monument they used their class trip funds for in their senior year. Pictured are front row (from left): Jane Goedtel, Mike Kapsner, Jeff Waytashek, Carol Wiley, Marilyn Clubb, Roseann Tschida, Janice Brolsma, Brenda Meyer, Fran Pelican, Darlene Schirmers and Karen Stangl. Back row: Ray Langer, Kevin Gau, Ray Otremba, Mary Korf, David Tschida, Allen Terhaar, Marvin Kimman, Lavonne Stuckmayer, Patty Zimmerman, Gert Kimman and Marianne Kirkland.

Members of the first class to go through all four years of high school at Pierz Healy High got to take a trip down memory lane and see the school’s updates for their 50-year class reunion.

During the event, Sept. 28, members of the class of 1969 reconnected with old friends while touring the high school and the improvements made to it as part of the recent referendum project.

“Touring the school was grand,” Mary Korf said after the event.

Seeing all the new things at Healy made her want to go back to school.

Korf, who stayed in the area, had four children attend the school and now two of her grandchildren are there as well.

When she and her classmates were in high school, they were unable to be in class at the building because an addition was being built to turn it from a junior high to a full high school.

The class was in the building for the seventh and eighth grades.

As the first class to go through what would become Healy High School, the students left marks that remain to this day.

Among those are the words to the school song, written by Korf.

To come up with the words, Korf asked a college in Ohio to mail her a record of the instrumental version of its song and she wrote words for a Pierz version.

“I played it and played it and just put words to the song,” she said.

Another mark the class left on the school was a monument of an eternal flame in a courtyard at the school.

When the class was unable to raise enough funds for a class trip its senior year, it was decided to use the money for the monument.

For Kevin Gau, who had not been back to the school since graduating, the reunion was a chance to remember his time there and reconnect with people.

“It takes you back all those years,” Gau said.

He was taken back by seeing all the updates that had happened to the building since it was the junior high he and the others attended in the 1960s.

“They took us through not one building project, but several,” Gau said.

For many, seeing the technology used in school today was astounding, he said.

“Some people were walking around with their mouths open saying ‘Wow, this is really something,’” Gau said.

The school is one that will be used well for many years to come in his opinion.

The reunion was an opportunity for the group to reminisce about their time in school.

For Gau, some of the best memories were the school play “Rebel without a Cause,” or skits that the classes did.

Korf remembers things being very different for girls in terms of activities back then.

At the time, there were few sports for them to participate in and gym class was spent with them doing activities like dancing, rather than basketball.

Gau and Korf also had advice for the class of 2020.

“Take what you’ve learned, but as you grow never stop learning,” Gau said.

He also said people should never forget their roots.

“Keep those connections going,” Gau said.

During the reunion, he and other classmates exchanged contact information and intend to stay in touch with one another from now on.

Class members need to know how each other are doing and be there for one another when things get tough, Gau said.

Korf also recommended the class of 2020 keep connected to their roots, but they should also not be afraid to explore the world.

As the group has gotten older, the friendships they have with each other become more valuable, Korf said.

“As we grow older, we treasure those friendships,” she said.

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