Lee Allan Oppegard, 45, Mahnomen, was charged with one count of predatory offender knowingly commits act or fails to fulfill registration requirement in Morrison County District Court.

The charge stems from a Sept. 8 report, when an officer from the Motley Police Department allegedly went to check on Oppegard regarding his predatory offender registration requirements at his last known address in Motley.

However, nobody appeared to live at the residence according to the officer, and after they were contacted, the owner alleged that Oppegard had moved out at the end of July back to Mahnomen with his mother.

The officer contacted the mother, who admitted he did live their for a time, but allegedly moved in with another relative.

Oppegard’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

If he is convicted, Oppegard faces a maximum of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

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