Adrienne Kresha

Adrienne Kresha

Little Falls Community High School (LFCHS) has announced that Adrienne Kresha has been chosen as the Girl of the Month for September. She is the daughter of Ron and Wendy Kresha.

In addition to finding success in the classroom as evidenced by her presence on the honor roll and induction into the Honor Society as a junior, Kresha is a three-sport athlete. She is a cross country runner, a Nordic skier and a participant in track and field for the Flyers. She serves as a role model for underclassmen as a captain for the cross country team and as a two-year Link leader.

Volunteer activities for Kresha include involvement with Girls State and serving as a page at the state capitol. Additionally, Kresha has given her time through Our Lady of Lourdes’ religious education service hours program.

“Perhaps the most predictable event of the new 2019-20 school year is the selection of Ms. Adrienne Kresha as the first girl chosen as student of the month,” said Tom Stockard, LFCHS social studies teacher. “I cannot think of a better candidate for this award as evidenced by her dedication to excellence in and out of the classroom.

“Adrienne is meticulous, probing and unafraid to think outside the box when carefully dissecting course material. She has a sharp intellect and a sense of perseverance that is second to none,” Stockard said. “Furthermore, always calm and remarkably unpretentious, Adrienne is a quiet leader among her peers and understands the importance of civic duty and the public good. Not only did she serve as a page at the Capitol in St. Paul, but she also engaged in civic discourse this past summer in the Girls State program. And last but not least, Adrienne is involved in numerous co-curriculars proving she is the consummate student. I truly feel blessed having the opportunity to educate Adrienne in multiple courses at LFCHS.”

Andy Ward, high school science teacher said, “I have had this young lady in a variety of classes, and she has been nothing but impressive. In the classroom, Adrienne is a quiet leader. She does not seek out personal accolades; rather, she goes about her business with confidence, a positive attitude and her work does the speaking for her. Adrienne is the epitome of what I would call an ideal student. She is polite, friendly, personable, hard-working and dedicated to being the best she can be. She is intrinsically motivated to excel at everything she does and is not intimidated by any challenge.

“Adrienne is involved in a variety of activities, some of which require her to miss school. Despite missing class time, her work does not suffer. Adrienne has missed multiple days at a time due to extracurricular activities or family commitments,” Ward said. “Not only does the missed work come in in a timely manner, but it is spot-on as if she has been in class the whole time. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Adrienne in my classes and know she has a great future ahead of her.”

Kresha lists running, skiing and playing the piano as activities she enjoys during her free time. After graduation, she plans to attend college, but her major is currently undecided.

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