Pet owners in Little Falls will soon have a new place to take their dogs. The city Council has approved the purchase of fencing for a dog park near city hall.

The city had received several requests for the park from residents and the Park and Tree Board recommended the Council approve creating a dog park, Public Works Director Greg Kimman said.

At Monday’s meeting, the Council approved purchasing fencing for the project for $9,729 from Oberg Fencing in Deerwood.

The park will go into a city property near Pine Tree Park, also known as North End Park.

Councilman Frank Gosiak asked how much it will cost to build the park in addition to the fencing.

Kimman guessed it would cost less than $4,000 to provide water and have receptacles for trash.

Signage will be put up at the park informing people of its rules.

Kimman said there was a limited park budget for 2019, but the city should be able to make this work.

“We had a band shell and a couple of other items in there and I think we’ll be able to shift funds around in there to make it work,” Kimman said.

With the park likely going to be used by the Morrison County Animal Humane Society, Councilman James Storlie asked if some of the funding could come from the organization.

“Everything is right down to the dollar with them,” Gosiak said, arguing the society can’t afford putting money toward this.

In addition, the city already provides funding to the Humane Society so it would be like taking money out of one pocket to put it in another, Mayor Greg Zylka said.

Alderman Brad Hircock said he had received comments from a number of residents who are excited about having a place to take their pets.

The Council approved purchasing the fencing unanimously.

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