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Royalton High School’s Artist of the Month Kelsie Norberg‘s favorite art subject is her dog, Daisy.

Kelsie Norberg, the daughter of Wayne and Cindy Norberg, has been chosen as Royalton High School’s October Artist of the Month for her excellent work in many different mediums of art. Her interest in the Visual Arts as well as her “love” for animals has inspired classmates and very well could lead her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

RHS Visual Arts instructor Carl Halverson said he has been amazed by Norberg’s variety of artworks and witnessed the first fabric, three dimensional pet ever created in his classroom.

“Taking art classes as an elective brings out the creative side in many students that never realized that they had a gift, so it remains an unopened gift,” Halverson said. “Kelsie started out in design class this year working on projects that mirror St. Cloud State’s graphic art and design classes in many ways. First, they apply the elements and principles of design to an imaginary business logo. Next, it is taken to three different pieces which include the application of photography and graphics. And finally, it includes drawing, painting and a three-dimensional piece of their choice.”

He said Norberg’s dog Daisy was created with small fibers of multi-colored felt, carefully bound and intertwined with a needle.

“I’ve never seen a design student use needle felting to sculpt the trademark of their business card. Through this transfer of problem-solving skills, students learn life skills along the way as well,” Halverson said. “Making informed decisions about the best design solutions sharpens interpersonal skills while working with others strengthens the area of communication. Kelsie is one of the most polite and modest young people in her class. It doesn’t surprise me that she intends to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Her success in the academic area has only been surpassed by her artistic skills and admiration of her pet Daisy.”

Norberg said she likes to experiment in different mediums of art.

“I have always had a profound love of animals and often find myself creating artwork with my dog, Daisy, as the main subject. In the future, I hope to continue my education in the vet program with a degree earned from the University of Minnesota,” Norberg said.

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