To the Editor:

I am curious about the color ads and glossy flyer mailed on behalf of the “CWP Actuality Group” supporting some current board members, one who took a $70,000 secret bonus, another who did not take the money, but kept the secret. Another candidate this group is supporting would replace a board member who began asking questions.

The CWP Accountability Group lists members on its website, all volunteers who want to hold the board and management accountable.

Who is behind the Actuality Group? We don’t know. It’s curious that they seem to have access to the Crow Wing Power member list – which has been denied to the CWP Accountability Group. They also have a big budget for ads and flyers.

Where does their money come from? It’s not hard to figure out when you know who will benefit.

If you want more of the same – secret back room deals, bonuses to executives, and non-disclosure agreements, then CWP Actuality Group is for you. If you want to know what really is happening at our electric cooperative, visit

Three candidates are dedicated to providing an audit of past dealings and transparency going forward: Bryan McCulloch, Gary Bakken and Loren Beilke. Please vote. — Shawn Marie Brummer, Brainerd

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