To the Editor:

I would like to chime in on the article “Word ‘hero’ used too loosely” submitted last week by Bill Wenzel. I agree that the word “hero” is bandied about too often. But I disagree that the only true heroes are those who put their lives on the line such as firemen, law enforcement, fire and rescue, ambulance drivers, EMTs and military personnel, because they are not heroes until they commit an act of heroism.

For example, simply being a fireman is commendable, but when a fireman runs into a burning building to rescue a child, that is heroic.

Another example, serving in the military with the risk of being killed for our country is brave but not heroic. Heroic would be a soldier who jumps on a hand grenade to save his comrades. More citations for the Medal of Honor have been awarded for falling on grenades to save comrades than any other single act.

Heroes consider putting others first, even at their own peril. So yes, during this deadly coronavirus, those doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients are acting heroically. They would normally not encounter a deadly contagion and are putting others first at their own peril. — Lucas Nooter, Little Falls

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