To the Editor:

In the contest for the Ward 3 seat, candidate Frank Gosiak must be fearful of his re-election chances. It appears Gosiak will say anything to get re-elected. I say this because Gosiak states in his advertising, both in a flyer and in an ad in the Record, that he favors lowering the city tax levy and that he supports “conservative spending.”

Gosiak is misleading the people of Ward 3 with these statements because they are inconsistent with his actions on the Council. For example, the Sept. 13 Record stated that the LF Council approved an 8.47% increase in the preliminary levy. Gosiak was at this council meeting and voted for the increase. Pierz kept its levy under 3% and the Morrison County Board voted a very low 2.42% increase.

Gosiak’s actions are misleading and show a lack of integrity in his statements. People want their elected officials to be straight-foward and, if a tax increase is necessary, say so and defend it. People want and expect their elected officials at any level to be consistent and to tell the truth.

The people of the West side deserve a credible, knowledgeable person to represent them on the city council. — William Wenzel, Little Falls

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