To the Editor:

I was talking to Frank Gosiak and I asked him how the election was going. His reply was it has been a real eye-opener and he was glad he was campaigning.

He said there are so many concerns from drug issues, thefts and how it’s affecting the youth and neighborhoods. He also said that many people are concerned that there aren’t enough positive things for the young people to do.

Beyond this, Frank spoke of a man who wants to start a youth center with an indoor/outdoor skate park and mentoring programs, and he wants to assist. A group of people (from the north trailer park) told him the Council needs to take care of its young residents, because they see the harm happening and more needs to be done.

Frank is a teacher and has worked with many kids and often says the thing that affects him the most is when he sees one of them heading toward a fall, or worse, dying from drug usage. He said he hopes people will contact him with any of these concerns. He has always tried to help in these areas, but said he is willing to do more. — Sherry Lemm, Little Falls

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