Filing begins Tuesday, July 28, for officials for city councils, school boards and those townships that voted to hold their elections in November. Candidates can file until Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 5 p.m.

Those serving as township, city or school board officials whose terms are up for election in the Nov. 3 General Election include:


  • Cushing Township: The seats of Supervisor James Robinson and Treasurer Janice Stavish.
  • Elmdale Township: Supervisor Jerry Theisen and Treasurer Walter Beneke.
  • Hillman Township: Supervisor Tom Kruschek and Clerk Doris Tomala.
  • Morrill Township: Supervisor Richard Kieffer and Clerk Joan Nichols.
  • Mount Morris Township: Supervisor Ronald Meyer and Clerk Tammie Gotvald.
  • Pierz Township: Supervisor Alan Hoheisel.
  • Pulaski Township: Supervisors Allen Woitalla, LeRoy Knopik and Treasurer Lynn Dukowitz.
  • Richardson Township: Supervisor Mark Johnson and Clerk Cheryl Lincoln.
  • Rosing Township: Supervisor Gary Rassler and Clerk/Treasurer Anita Walker.
  • Scandia Valley Township: Supervisors Ian Newkirk, Jeff Hardy and Brian Pantzke and Clerk Kathie Headley.


  • Bowlus: Mayor Joe Larson, Council Members Kelly Larson and Joseph Sobania, and Treasurer Molly Sobania.
  • Buckman: Mayor Greg Gangl, Council Member Jeff Dingmann and Clerk Linda Brezinka.
  • Elmdale: Mayor Raymond Kurowski, Council Members Denis Carlson and James Solorz and Treasurer Eva Maciej.
  • Flensburg: Mayor John Gessell and Council Members LuAnn Morro, Kenneth Merten.
  • Genola: Mayor Larry Korf and Council Members Charles Storkamp and Tim O’Neill.
  • Harding: Council Member David Hayes and Clerk Corey Hayes.
  • Hillman: Mayor Norman Iverson, Council Member Bob Billig and Clerk Dana Iverson.
  • Lastrup: Mayor Kay Hoheisel, Council Member Ross Shoultz and Treasurer Diane Schmidtz.
  • Motley: Mayor Al Yoder and Council Members Steve Johnson and Pat O’Regan.
  • Pierz: Mayor Dave Fischer, Council Member Jacqueline Ballou and Clerk Kyle Bednar.
  • Randall: Mayor Dan Noss and Council Members James Chyba and Rick Turner.
  • Royalton: Council Members Scot Walberg and Ron Verley.
  • Sobieski: Mayor Tim Opatz, Council Members James Sobiech and Robert Czech and Clerk Joyce Holtz.
  • Swanville: Mayor Sandy Lange and Council Members Debra Wood and Norman Carlson.
  • Upsala: Mayor Rollie Johnson and Council Members Lana Bartells and Dennis Westrich.
  • Little Falls: Council Members Raquel Lundberg (Ward 1), Gerald Knafla (Ward 2) and Frank Gosiak (Ward 3).

School Boards

  • Little Falls: Directors Julie LeMieur, Cathy Adamek and Jay Spillum.
  • Pierz: Directors Steve Boser, Joanne Broschofsky and Rick Sczublewski.
  • Royalton: Directors Ellie Holm, Noel Guerard and Mark Petron.
  • Swanville: Directors Chris Kircher, Luke Peterson and Kathy Beckman.
  • Upsala: Karin Nelson, Stephen Roerick and Andrew Wensmann.
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