To the Editor:

Fewer than 50 people now possess dictatorial control over 330 million Americans.

President Trump and nearly every governor used the coronavirus outbreak to illegitimately invoke emergency powers — laws never meant to grant such expensive, totalitarian, inhumane powers.

Lawmakers in a democracy cannot create a law granting limitless, unconstitutional dictatorial powers to one person.

President Trump lost control over governors who had grabbed heavy-handed dictatorial powers, bent on maximizing them by forming regional pacts amongst themselves.

There’s the appearance of a conspiracy, true or not, because who can explain the consensus betrayal by our leaders — Democrat and Republican politicians at all levels; mainstream/public broadcasting news organizations; corporate America — in permitting/promoting the ruination of America’s democracy, economy, freedoms, future.

It’s a crime against humanity.

The possible endgame is never-ending mass testing nationwide for strict social control by making Americans’ participation in society dependent upon their “infection category.”

Governor Tim Walz’ dictatorial stranglehold on Minnesota is terrifying.

Walz’ obsession is mass “texting/contact tracing/isolating” — despite Minnesota’s lowest nationwide infection rate — not reopening Minnesota.

Beware Walz’ lockstep partnership with the long-corrupt Minnesota Department of Health and his maniacal rush to micromanage businesses’ daily operations to make businesses unwitting enforcers. — Donna Christianson, St. Cloud

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