To the Editor:

For a couple of years, a small group of members and one board member have been trying to disrupt the co-op’s operations. Their complaint is based on the sales commission paid to the CEO and some of the board members for helping a small, local business sell its technology to a multinational corporation. This group believes the commission belongs to the co-op.

The co-op collaborated with the small business, and it saved the cooperative hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When the small, local business had the opportunity to sell the business and technology, the CEO (not the cooperative) was asked to help with the sale and a small percentage commission was paid. A Non-disclosure agreement shielded the sale and commission from their competitors.

Does this commission belong to the cooperative, I would say “no.”

The deceptive advertising by one of the board members and his cronies has to stop. They are currently trying to take over and force their own agenda.

When submitting your ballot in May think about who you want to represent you. The disruptive incumbent, Bryan McCulloch, with Gary Bakken and Loren Beilke or some more reasonable alternative? — Darrell Shannon, Crosslake

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