Kelly Beth Alonso-Heath, 41, Little Falls was charged in Morrison County District Court with a felony for theft of more than $35,000.

The charge stems from a June incident when law enforcement received a theft report form the Little Falls Youth Hockey Association, alleging that former treasurer, Alonso-Heath was stealing large sums of money from 2016 to 2020.

Alonso-Heath was reportedly replaced in April 2020 and the organization looked into changing who could access the bank account.

A board member claimed they discovered they did not have access to the account and allegedly recalled asking Alonso-Heath for records and account passwords several times over the years without any follow through.

The board member said that once they finally gained access to the account, they found a large discrepancy, noting that the balance should have been about $130,000 but was only $13,000.

The board member allegedly looked into the account records and believed there was fraudulent activity. The total number of checks written out to Alonso-Heath herself or to another business but were believed to be used by Alonso-Heath, totaled about $85,000.

There were also reportedly several withdrawals to utility billing companies with accounts in Alonso-Heath’s name, totaling about $5,800.

It was also allegedly found that in February 2020, Alonso-Heath reported a balance of $107,000 in a meeting, but bank records show just $19,000 in the account.

In questioning, Alonso-Heath allegedly admitted that the money was spent on household expenses and that her financial situation was dire.

It was allegedly found that Alonso-Heath stole about $86,951.69 via cash or check and another $5,814.34 in electronic withdrawals for utility and car payments.

If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine.

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