Terry Lane Sibert, 32, Alexandria, was convicted May 15, in Morrison County District Court of felony first degree drug possession.

The charge stems from a Nov. 9, 2017 incident, when a Minnesota State Patrol trooper stopped a vehicle on Highway 27 for speeding and having illegal tinting on the windows.

Before stopping the vehicle, the trooper saw the driver make furtive movements to his right side.

The driver, identified as Sibert, seemed evasive and his behavior unusual to the trooper and seemed to have indications of drug use.

Sibert demonstrated signs of possible drug impairment during a field sobriety test.

The trooper saw a methamphetamine pipe in plain view on the driver’s seat and performed a pat down search of Sibert.

He had marijuana, meth and cocaine in his possession.

Later, a K9 unit located drug paraphernalia and 125 grams of meth in the center console of the car.

Sibert was sentenced to 5 days in jail and was given credit for five days served.

He was also sentenced to 30 years of supervised probation and was fined $135.

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