Tyler John Pittman, 20, Foley, was convicted Wednesday, Jan. 8, in Morrison County District Court on felony counts of receiving stolen property and violation of a domestic abuse no contact order.

The charges stem from an Aug. 25, 2019 incident, when the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a stolen cellphone valued over $500.

The phone was tracked via an app to a business in Little Falls.

When deputies arrived at the business, they observed an individual who ran away from them when he noticed the officers and escaped into a corn field.

The individual was later found in the field and fought with officers before being tased. The suspect was identified as Pittman.

Deputies located a phone matching the description of the stolen phone on Pittman, along with car keys that unlocked a truck, valued at $18,000, in the parking lot identified as one stolen out of Benton County.

Surveillance video showed Pittman drive the vehicle to the store.

When the owner of the phone looked at it, they saw a messaging app that they did not install.

Law enforcement looked at the app and saw Pittman had used it to have a conversation with an individual he was prohibited from contacting according to a domestic abuse no contact order (DANCO).

Due to previous convictions, the current DANCO violation charge was elevated to a felony.

Pittman was sentenced to 19 months in prison, ordered to pay $3,913.77 in restitution and pay fines and fees totaling $125.

A gross misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property and another for obstructing legal process with force were dismissed, as was a misdemeanor for fleeing a peace officer by means other than a motor vehicle.

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