To the Editor:

I read with interest the letter in last week’s Record concerning the hard decisions made by our power-drunk governor and his sue-happy A.G., by shutting down Minnesota, thus ruining the lives of many small business owners in the name of protecting our right to life.

I have some questions about the statements made. Would the decisions made be the same if they were not getting a paycheck? How about if it was an election year for them?

But the big question is how can he say the governor and the Democrats are trying to protect our right to life, but disregard the rights of the unborn? That is a big smelly pile of bullpucky. If you or I got COVID, we could go to the doctor and have a good chance to survive, much better than a baby in a mother’s womb when she walked through an abortion clinic door.

The Democratic platform considers these babies to be “choices.” My wife and I had three children not three choices. These babies should have every right to the protection of life that you and I do.

Last question, does the letter writer, the governor and the Democratic party have a mirror?

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